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The Women's University is a protest page for women academics of all levels of development as scholars. We, the women 'registered' at this (virtual) university, believe, collectively, higher education should be a space where it is safe for women to develop their scholarship and writing, presenting and social engagement.

Higher education is not at present a safe space for women. We believe it should be a space free of bullying, harassment and unfair treatment, which allows women to develop their work unhindered by 'attacks'.

Registration with The Women's University is by virtue of a badge, worn with pride in higher education spaces. Please buy a badge via the online shop if you would like to be involved and protest with us. (IN DEVELOPMENT AS IS FORWARDING OF DOMAIN NAME www.womensuniversity.org TO THIS PAGE) In purchasing a badge (£10 inc. postage and packing to anywhere in the world) you are contributing to this site, its work and its development. Updates will be posted here.

Money for badges is processed via Other Business Limited (registered in England, Company No 08567212) which will manage the work of the university.

Best wishes

Dr Helen E Lees