I am currently doing tarot readings for a bargain price of £20 whilst I hone my skills. Happily the Tarot is always accurate. It is the reader who needs work! So my reading skills are in development but I can leave you with the basic meanings of the cards, a record of what they say so you can look the cards up yourself also after our reading together. Those people for whom I have so far done readings all report the reading made sense to them and helped them to navigate the terrain they had questions about.

I discovered I have a gift for the Tarot after a shock event in 2017, when I needed help to understand what was going on. The Tarot acts as a guide and a reflection of our own inner knowledge - deeply therapeutic, it can restore a sense of control in times of stress. People most often consult the Tarot when they feel blind/blinded. It is a beautiful, wonderful, God-given gift to us. The Tarot is our friend. It has its own language.

Readings can be done in person, by phone or via email.

Book now by emailing me: helen@otherconsulting.com

Payment is through this website, in person via paypal card reader or payment with cash.