Silence Consultancy

I work as a consultant for organisations who wish to install more silence in their environment and practices. 

Research tells us appreciating the benefits of silence for mind, body, spirit - and crucially interpersonal dynamics - is useful for improved performance, motivations and relationships.

A business without room for silence is not behaving in tune with human needs.

I work with organisations to install silences as a beneficial function. This helps resistance to silence practices and avoids silence becoming negative. The key is to avoid coercion. My background with alternative education practices that respect choice and freedom informs this work for you: freedom but not licence; choice in contexts of others.

Whether it means installing a sanctuary space, siesta facilities and culture, an ethos for pausing and reflecting, down time, slow time, courses for meditation and mindfulness (how to introduce this to staff - I do not train myself) or any other aspect of getting silence embedded, I can help.

My work is to enable the culture of organisations to work with silence as a material. This is not a given and is a complex terrain. I explain how silence works and how to make the most of its positive features.

Get in touch to discuss your needs with regard to installing silence as presence and material.

If you are interested to get a taste of the work I do with silence please see:

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