Do you need a female perspective?

Business can too often be too male dominated. We know that positions of power often go more to men than to women. Yet equality legislation demands equality of treatment. This gender equality can be difficult to achieve for male dominated business because the decision makers and those with power are men.

I suggest there is. loosely speaking,  a way of thinking that is male. There is also a way of thinking that is female. We see this in research by writers such as Sally Haslanger and Belensky et al where how to know is conditioned by gender.

Does an all male decision making party think in a male way more than in a female or gender equal way? This can create disparity of treatment and unfair decisions open to legal and other challenges. Too often women at the receiving end of male power feel discriminated against on equality grounds. It could be that male decision makers do not 'get' a female perspective. They may label a female way of knowing how to act or decide as irrational, mentally deranged, 'loose', dangerous, strange, incompetent. Yet this is only a subjective, gender tainted perspective where form another perspective - a female perspective- the deficit in the behaviour has its own kind of reasons and efficacy.

Without significant shifts to personnel (which is another matter altogether) hiring in a female perspective to consult with, in an impartial, independent way, can be beneficial for businesses. 

My service is to offer a female perspective to business decision making when those decisions affect the lives of women.

This can help businesses thin kin more gender sensitive ways, thereby avoiding equality issues and the trouble getting equality wrong can bring to business.

Contact me for further details. I would be very pleased to hear about your needs and explain my consultancy service.

Dr Helen E Lees



Belenky, M., Clinchy, B., Goldberger, N., & Tarule, J. (1997). Women's Ways Of Knowing: The Development Of Self, Voice, and Mind, 10th Anniversary Edition. New York: Basic Books.